The Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter is hosting a picnic on Saturday September 16th from noon to 3:00 pm. It will be held in the WDNR parking lot on Bowers Road in Grant County on the Blue River. Bowers road is located off of County G.(43.031474, -90.465769)  Food will be provided but you will need to bring your own lawn chairs. We are celebrating the completion of another stream habitat improvement project and recognizing local landowners who have partnered with us in several projects.  There will be some board members tying flies as well as some fly fishing basics being taught! Everyone and anyone are welcome to come enjoy the day with us. Hope to see you there. 


Nohr Chapter Board Members

LIE and TIE – Dodgeville, WI

The Harry and Laura Nohr TU Chapter will be holding a Lie and Tie on Saturday, February 25th from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at The Dodger Bowl in Dodgeville, WI. Drop in at any time to enjoy tying demos, speakers, door prizes and refreshments! Dale Osthoff, guide and tyer with nearly twenty years of fly fishing experience, will be presenting “Fly Fishing Alpine Lakes: How to catch the “Dumbest” trout in the World” and “Active Techniques for Small Stream Fly Fishing ”. You are welcome to bring your vice and join the tying.

Dale’s Bio:

Dale Osthoff is a guide and tyer with nearly twenty years of fly-fishing experience. Based out of Madison, he specializes in active presentation techniques for the Driftless Area’s spring creeks, and frequents dozens of streams throughout the season. Dale has also fished the Rocky Mountain high country extensively, chasing the lofty benchmarks — trophies caught and miles tramped — set by his dad and mentor, Rich. He enjoys sharing trout fishing’s distinct appeal through photos and video, using images to create educational fishing presentations.   

Presentation Descriptions:

Fly-Fishing Alpine Lakes: How to Catch the ‘Dumbest’ Trout in the World

Dale will cover successful strategies for targeting trophy cutts, brookies, and goldens on alpine lakes (though many of these strategies work for stillwater trout fishing at any elevation).  Often, you’ll only get one shot at big cruisers, and Dale will help you streamline the process of fly selection, approach, and presentation during these anxious encounters. He will also provide tips for studying and reaching these lakes; some of the best bang for the buck DIY fishing destinations in the country.  

Active Techniques for Small Stream Fly-Fishing

Bugs move, so why shouldn’t your flies? Dale will share active presentation techniques that break with the traditional dead drift mindset. Whether you’re fishing nymphs, dries, or streamers, these methods will not only make your flies more enticing to the fish, they’ll turn you into a more engaged and efficient angler. Dale will share simple casting and line management prerequisites, and teach you how to synthesize these skills for common Driftless fishing scenarios.


Date(s): October 8th and December 3rd(will be a continuation of what we have done earlier this year as well as on October 8th)

Time: 9am to 12 noon (Chapter Approved Sawyers please arrive at 8:30).
Where: Smith Conley Creek at 2800 Cty Rd H, Barneveld. Take Hwy 151 out of
Madison toward Barneveld, on the east side of Barneveld turn left (south) on Cty Rd K,
go approximately 6 miles to Cty Rd H, turn right (west) on Cty Rd H, and then go 1 mile
west to 2800 Cty Rd H. NOTE: You will first intersect Cty Rd H as it is going east off of
Cty Rd K, keep going south for another .5 mile to Cty Rd H that goes west (right).
Here is a Google Map Link to this location:
There is a ¼ mile walk to the work area, be sure to stay on the path. The DNR is
bringing a UTV that can carry equipment to the area. So, enjoy the walk on a nice
spring morning.
Parking: Park along Cty Rd H on the north (right) side of the road. Do not pull into the
drive as there is no room for parking.
What: This will be a joint workday with the Harry and Laura Nohr Chapter. We will be cutting/treating large box elders and other invasive woodies to gain access to the river and open up the area so oaks, native grasses and forbs can grow. This is a new DNR easement on a beautiful stretch of Smith-Conley that connects to fishing easements upstream. Justine Haglund, DNR Fish Biologist, and some of his staff will be joining us.
Notes to the sawyers:
– There are some large box elders to be felled so spread out and be sure your area is
– Trees to be felled have orange paint on them (however, there is one that is marked
orange that is not to be cut – see Jim Hess)
– Wear our yellow caution vests
– Leave snags
– Be sure to watch out for young oaks and avoid felling trees on them

We will be bucking up the trees and creating burn piles that will be burned during the
winter. Sawyers will need to spread out and be sure no one is around them.

Bring: Bring rubber/Muck type boots, work gloves, sturdy shoes, and eye and ear
protection. Also bring reusable water bottles that can be filled from our 5-gal water jug.
Stay hydrated.


The Nohr Chapter of TU will be holding our Annual Summer Social (Landowner Appreciation) on Sep.10th at the site of our recently completed project on the Blue River off of County Q in Grant County. (Directions below)

Food will be served from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM, prepared by our fabulous chef Doug. We will provide soda and water but feel free to bring your preferred beverage to drink responsibly. Bring a folding chair if you have one.

At 10:00 AM we will have some people and equipment to hold a casting clinic for anyone wanting help with some aspect of their casting.

Landowners for whom we have done stream restoration work or who may be considering a project will be invited to discuss their experience. This is also a chance to meet your Board members to discuss where projects have been completed and those planned for the future. Work is ramping up on Big Spring just above where it enters Six Mile Branch very near here. Come and see some before and after, it is impressive work.

DNR folks will be there and run a stream shocking demonstration. If you are not familiar with some of DNR’s online trout fishing tools, this will be a good chance to learn about them. There are great interactive access maps and info available.

We especially welcome youngsters and will have some members who are experienced at teaching kids to fish, so if you have a son or daughter but haven’t had time to start them off on trout fishing, this is your chance.

For women/girls interested in cold water fishing, our Nohr Chapter women’s advocate, Carol Murphy, will be in attendance. Please join us. We will have rods available or bring your own.

Finally, when we pack up the food at 4:00, if you would like to fish with a member who knows the local streams, we will pair up and hit the water. We can work with spin and bait fishers too.

IMPORTANT: We hope you can find the time to attend. If you can make it, please RSVP by responding to this email so that we can plan the food.

Hope to see you there.

Directions: Turn North on County Hwy G (two miles west of the Village of Montfort off of Hwy 18). Follow Hwy G north for approximately 7-1/2 miles and then turn right on Biba Road. Biba road is located approximately 1-1/2 miles past the Castle Rock Inn Restaurant.  Follow Biba Road to the intersection with County Q. Turn left onto Q and the site will be approximately 1 mile.  If the field road is muddy, park along the road and we will have someone to shuttle you to the picnic site.