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Dear Supporter of Wisconsin Trout Unlimited,  

Wisconsin’s iconic public lands initiative, the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program, is up for a vote in the State Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee this Thursday, June 10!  Will you take a moment this afternoon and ask your legislators to support Wisconsin’s outdoor recreation economy by reauthorizing the Knowles Nelson Stewardship program for 10 years?  

We’ve gotten some pretty good signals that our State Assembly is comfortable with a 10 year re-authorization of the program.  Now we need to get our State Senate there.  

Phone calls to legislators offices today and Wednesday morning will help keep the focus on a long term re-authorization.  It’s pretty easy, and takes less than a minute.

My calls go something like this: “Hi my name is Mike Kuhr, and I’m from Monona. I’m calling to ask Senator _____ (or Representative _____) to support a long term re-authorization of the Knowles Nelson Stewardship program. My family and I place a high value on our public lands and we want to make sure Wisconsin’s outdoor recreation economy continues to thrive. Thank you for time today.”  

You can find your Legislator’s Office number here:
Staffers in the legislators offices are happy to take your call, and pass along your comments to your elected representative.  

If you don’t have time for a call, you can easily send an email through the Team Knowles Nelson website.  

We love seeing the white and green signs along the trout streams that read “Private Lands Leased for Public Fishing, Respect Landowner’s Rights”.  That public access is acquired directly through the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program.

The future of the Knowles Nelson Stewardship Program, and our public fishing access easements, will be decided this Thursday.  Wisconsin Trout Unlimited urges you to take action today.  
Much respect, Mike Kuhr
Wisconsin Trout Unlimited State Council Chair
(414) 588-4281

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